Have you been accused of solicitation of a minor via the Internet? Are you under investigation for using Internet chat rooms or social media sites like Facebook to speak to or lure a minor for sexual purposes? Have the police or federal investigators seized your computer?

Consult a perceptive and protective criminal defense lawyer immediately if you are under investigation for any type of computer crime. At the Law Office of Robert S. Toale, we utilize our three decades of criminal defense experience to personalize a defense strategy aimed at getting the best possible results for our clients.

“I have represented many high-profile criminal defendants, and I have learned to deal with the news media as an unavoidable part of criminal defense work. In controversial criminal cases, the ‘verdict’ of the court of public opinion can be almost as important as the verdict in a criminal court of law.”– Attorney Robert S. Toale

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Attorney Robert S. Toale is a devoted criminal defense attorney who aggressively protects his clients’ privacy, constitutional rights and their freedom from criminal prosecution and sentences. Attorney Toale has significant experience with computer crimes cases and in defending clients in federal criminal court. When the stakes are high, you want an advocate on your side who completely understands the rules of the court that is hearing your case.

Computer Crimes Convictions And Sex Offender Registration

If you are convicted in Louisiana of computer sex crimes against minors, such as solicitation of a minor, you almost certainly would be required to register your name, address, the crime and other personal information on a public database called the Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry. The required registration period for computer-aided solicitation of a minor is 25 years.

Contact A Solicitation Of A Minor Attorney In Gretna, Louisiana

You need a dismissal or a not-guilty verdict if you are charged with any computer-related crime. At the very least, you need a lawyer who can argue persuasively for a lesser sentence that carries less harsh penalties.

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