New Orleans Lawyer For Drug Distribution

Louisiana and federal authorities are cracking down on drug distribution efforts, and a slew of new and repeat offenders are being charged with distribution crimes. The Law Office of Robert S. Toale is ready to help you protect your rights and work toward securing the best possible outcome in your case. With your future on the line, it is essential to have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Attorney Toale has 30 years of criminal law experience and has represented clients in both state and federal courts. We put our experience to use by finding gaps in the prosecution’s case, including scrutinizing how evidence was obtained, its chain of custody and whether your rights were violated during your arrest or interrogation. We will leave no stone unturned as we work tirelessly to obtain the most positive outcome possible in your case.

Call 504-662-9574 or contact my New Orleans law firm online for an initial consultation about your drug distribution defense matter.

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Gretna Attorney For Intent To Distribute: Federal And State Drug Crimes Defense

If you have been charged in federal court for a drug crime, you can be certain that federal authorities have already performed extensive investigations for your charges. You need to act quickly to get us on your side. Attorney Toale will prepare an aggressive defense strategy designed to limit your penalties or seek a dismissal of your charges. Mr. Toale knows the rules and procedures of both federal and state courts, something that is invaluable to his clients as they have a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate on their side.

Drug distribution charges carry harsh penalties, especially if you have been previously convicted. Speak to our firm today if you are charged with distribution or with the intent to distribute:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Meth
  • LSD
  • Psychedelics, including mushrooms

Contact A Louisiana Defense Lawyer If You Are Charged With Selling Drugs

It is vital to have an experienced defense attorney on your side when your future is on the line. If you are facing serious drug charges, we can help. Let our decades of experience create the solid defense you need. Call 504-368-8440 or simply contact us online to schedule your initial consultation with our Gretna drug distribution defense attorney.

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