Are You Charged with a Violent Crime?

The criminal justice system takes violent crimes very seriously, investing tremendous resources into prosecuting those charged with such crimes. That’s why I take defending my clients against violent crime charges with great weight. With more than 30 years of proven experience protecting the rights of the accused, I will work diligently to defend the liberties of the accused.

If you hire me to work on your case, you will benefit from the proven experience, extensive legal knowledge, and practical insights I have gained through handling hundreds of criminal cases in state and federal courts.

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

My firm provides dedicated and aggressive legal representation in all types of violent crime charges at the state or federal level, including:

  • Assault and battery: I handle all degrees of assault and battery charges, both felonies and misdemeanors, including cases involving assault with a weapon.
  • Domestic violence: One of the most common types of violent crimes charges, domestic violence allegations, can swiftly derail your reputation, job prospects, and future. I have extensive experience handling these cases
  • Homicide: I have handled homicide charges ranging from manslaughter to first-degree murder and death penalty cases. I am also certified as Capital Lead Trial Counsel by the Louisiana Public Defender Board and will fight to get you the best possible outcome.
  • Sex crimes: If you are facing charges of rape, sexual assault or child molestation, you need an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights. I have handled numerous cases involving all types of sex crimes and can help you keep your life on track.

Why Our Trial Experience Is So Valuable

Thorough trial preparation is the key to setting the foundation for a favorable outcome, even if you case never goes to trial. I have handled hundreds of criminal trials and appear in court on a near-daily basis. I understand the local procedures, and I am familiar with the prosecutors, judges, law enforcement and others in the legal community. These strengths give me a basis for successful trials and outcomes.

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Discuss your case with one of our attorneys during a confidential consultation. Contact us at 504-368-8440. Based in New Orleans, our lawyers handle violent crimes charges throughout Southern Louisiana.

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